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About Unbeauty Mark's Founder: Ava Viohl 

Who is Ava? 

I’m a 22-year-old Master's in Political Science (Global Politics) student attending the London School of Economics and Political Science, on a journey to find the true meaning of beauty. 

Why was Unbeauty Mark created? 

I created Unbeauty Mark after recovering from anorexia nervosa, with the hopes of destigmatizing discussions surrounding not only eating disorders, but mental health in general. On December 9th, 2017, I gave my first TEDXTalk at the TEDXCulverAcademies event which was the debut of Unbeauty Mark.

What is Unbeauty Mark's purpose? 

Unbeauty Mark is a mental health advocacy organization dedicated to highlighting the beauty within ourselves, within others, and within the world around us through fundraisers, workshops, and events. 

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