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Body Image within Media 

Surrounded by billboards, magazines, and an array of advertisements, body image can be affected drastically. Ultimately, impacting how young girls and boys perceive themselves as they develop. Learn more

Overcome Negative Body Image 

Although we are bombarded by the image of the "ideal body", it is possible to overcome negative body image through learning how to look into the mirror and see beyond a singular beauty and societal expectations. Learn more


Take the Pledge

Take the pledge to love your body. Take the pledge to find inner beauty. Take the pledge to love the real you. Become a part of the beauty revolution and take the pledge today to embrace your Unbeauty Marks. Learn more


What's your Unbeauty Mark?

The Beauty Within Project serves to redefine beauty and gender expectations for young men and women. Redefining your own definition of beauty is the first step in changing the world's.

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